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8 March 2024
By Emma Lewis

A Conversation with Emma Lewis, Class 1 Driver on International Women's Day

In honor of this day, we interviewed Emma Lewis, a former agency worker at Acorn who received support from our driving division to secure a position as a Class 1 Driver. Emma has since become a permanent driver with the company. 

Read on as she provides valuable insights into her role as a Class 1 Driver and offers advice to women aspiring to join the industry.

What was your job title and how long did you work in the role?

My job title at Acorn was Class 1 Driver. I began working with them last year, having previously worked through the agency in the past. I started around September and remained in the role until recently when I transitioned to a permanent job.

Can you elaborate on your responsibilities?

My primary responsibilities included conducting daily checks on the lorry to ensure its safety and smooth operation. I assisted the forklift driver in loading the lorry, ensuring proper weight distribution over the axles. Upon reaching destinations, I unloaded and reloaded the lorry, following the same procedures. Upon returning to the yard, I would complete another vehicle check before finishing my shift.

How did you find yourself in a driving role?

Driving has always been my passion since I obtained my license. I enjoy the freedom of the open road and the sense of autonomy it provides.

Did you feel supported as a female working in an industry in which women have been, and often still are, under-represented?

I have felt exceptionally supported by both the drivers and office staff at base. They provided assistance with routes, alerted me to road closures, and offered valuable tips and advice based on their extensive experience in the industry.

Your thoughts on working with Acorn?

Acorn is an excellent company to work for, especially during challenging times like when I lost my previous job. I deeply appreciate their support. Unlike many other agencies, the staff at Acorn are friendly and genuinely helpful.

Any advice for women considering a similar career?

I encourage other females to consider joining the industry. Driving isn't as intimidating as it may seem, especially with larger lorries. I find joy in the work and often have a good laugh along the way. It doesn't feel like work at all – take the leap!

Thanks for sharing your story, Emma! 

If you share Emma's passion for driving, explore our opportunities or consult with our experienced Consultants on how to kickstart your journey in the industry.